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Friday 7 January 2011

The GYSELA code simulates the electrostatic branch of the Ion Temperature Gradient turbulence in tokamak plasmas.

It solves the standard conservative gyrokinetic equation for a full ion distribution function (no assumption on scale separation between equilibrium and perturbations). This equation is coupled to the quasi-neutrality equation. Electrons are assumed adiabatic. It includes ion-ion collisions in global simplified magnetic geometry (concentric toroidal magnetic flux suraces with circular cross-sections) and the system is driven by some prescribed heat source. Finally the code has the originality to be base on a semi-Lagrangian scheme.

GYSELA is an acronym for GYrokinetic SEmi-LAgrangian code. See the new web site here.

Contact: Virginie Grandgirard, IRFM-DSM-CEA Cadarache,

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